Atlanta Roof Repair Estimates

When you estimate costs of roof repair, you need to make it precise because even the smallest mistake can lead to immense costs. To have an accurate estimate, you need to consider various factors. You also need to get quotes from different roofing repair contractors so as to make comparisons. When you have all the vital details prepared prior to speaking to contractors, this can subtract hundreds of dollars from the actual cost.

To know the cost to repair a roof, get a tape measure and measure the height and length of the exterior walls of your home. Multiply both measurements together to get the square footage. If the measurement of your house is 30 feet in width and 50 feet in length, multiply them to get 1,500 feet. Divide this by 100 so as to convert this to roofing squares and you get 15 roofing squares. Remember that per roofing square there are 100 sq ft.

The next thing to measure is the roofing pitch which involves the architectural twists, slope or overhang of your roof. Remember this formula when you measure slopes:

•    Low slope     : Utilize 1.15 – 1.25 roofing pitch
•    Medium slope : Utilize 1.25 – 1.4 roofing pitch
•    High slope     : Utilize 1.41 – 1.7 roofing pitch

Bear in mind that low slopes rise three feet for every twelve feet horizontal length while medium slopes increase six to nine feet for every twelve feet horizontal length. High slopes go up nine inches for every twelve feet horizontal length. These complicated measurements may overwhelm you the way it does others thus you may really need a roofing repair contractor to help you.

Atlanta Roof Repair Costs

The next thing to do in estimating roof repair costs is to multiply the roofing pitch with the square footage. If your house measures 1,500 sq ft and having medium slope, multiply 1,500 with a roofing pitch from 1.24 to 1.4.

You should then determine your material preferences. Know the materials your roof is constructed of and then check if the kind of job done necessitates stronger materials for reinforcement. Record the beginning and conclusion of construction. If a target date is set, you may need to make additional payments to your contractor for longer labor hours and a quicker schedule of roof damage repair.

It is important to also check the reputation of the contractors you are targeting. Tell them the size, materials you prefer, nature of the job and your targeted schedule of construction.  You should beware of very cheap quotes as this also equals poor quality. Choose the contractor that offers average and fair quotes.

Go for the estimate that joins together a good price, a good reputation and the best guarantees. The quote given to you must include materials, taking away old roofing material and labor fees for the application of sealant and installation of new shingles. Leaks cannot only be due to damaged shingles but also because of flashing involving edges where your roof connects with a skylight, chimney or other rooflines.

For easy repairs, you can change a few shingles with new ones but if the damage is extensive, you need a professional and licensed roofing repair contractor. He may charge you by the square at 10 x 10 feet. Roof repair costs would usually depend on your materials.

These are the tips in estimating costs of roof repair.

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