Tips on Roof Leak Repair

As time passes by, the roof of your house becomes susceptible to leaking. When this happens, the roof will become quickly damaged and the water dripping into the house can lead to other problems that include mildew and mold growth, rotting and a damaged drywall.  When you know where the leak is situated, it would help you determine the roof leak repair that needs to be done. You should therefore locate the leak’s source and repair it so as to avoid possible cosmetic and structural damage of your house. Here are tips on how to repair a leaking roof.

The first thing to do is to look for the area the leak is happening. Get a ladder and then climb to the part of your roof where you presume the leak is. Bring with you a hammer which you should pound cautiously and lightly on the area so that you would hear and feel soft spots on your roof. Be very careful when using a ladder so that you will not fall off and sustain injuries.

Get a garden house and soak the roof with it so that you can find the leak. Start in places where there are holes cut into it such as a skylight or vent pipe.  Run water on the joint for a few minutes while someone is below that area inside the house so that he can watch for leaks.  Go to the valleys of the roof where many of its sections connect at an angle. Lastly, go to the roof’s main sections to determine roofing repair needed.

Limit the number of reasons of the leak. These causes include the shingles unable to form an appropriate seal, flashing that is not correctly installed around the lines of the roof, exhaust points, damage caused by weather or wind or gutter debris accumulated on the roof. Inspect the shingles and find spots where there are discolored shingles or where your roof sags. Take off the current shingles surrounding the spot where damage is incurred. Remove the shingles utilizing a shovel.

If you have an attic, go there to check below the rafters and sheathing. This will also help determine the roof leak repair you need. Check for water stains or damp spots on the wood and see if there is mold growing. Inspect the insulation in the middle of the floor joists to see if there is water damage. If you see water stains or mold, that is the spot of the leak. Examine the plywood where the leak is occurring and if interior damage has happened, the leak has penetrated the plywood. You will have to replace this with new sheets.

If the reason behind the leak is improper flashing, you will have to place new flashing and strengthen it by putting ice guards close to the gutters in that spot. You will need to re-shingle the spot where you had a leaking roof repair.

If there is interior damage, you will have to fix it at the area where the leak began and then dry out the said damage. If you have fans, use them and direct them to the ceiling so as to hasten drying time. If it is necessary, you will have to change the drywall. If the ceiling has noticeably opened or dropped, you will need to take off that portion and place a new drywall that would fit the area. You should then paint your wall or ceilings. When you have installed the drywall, you can prime and paint it or you may paint over the spot where there is damage without installing a new drywall.

hese are the tips on roof leak repair you have to know or you can contact roof repair contractors if you want a professional job done.

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